The operational life of any residential plumbing system including sewer lines is around 30 to 35 years. As the service life of a plumbing system approaches near its end, homeowners start to face several critical issues, arising from its deteriorated piping.

For that matter, we are discussing a replacement option in the form of Nu-drains for your home sewer lines that will provide many benefits. Nu-drain sewer lines are basically manufactured with the reinforcement of its lining through epoxy and other adhesive solutions. Let’s see why plumbing experts consider Nu-drain as a reliable solution for residential sewer lines.

Nu-Drain is a Durable Option

Nu-drain becomes a durable sewer line option because of the measures that are taken to line the pipes. The use of epoxy to line the sewer pipes make them durable because:

  • It provides a long-lasting solution for leakages and breaks.
  • Lining the pipes also prevents root intrusion, one of the main reasons for sewer line chock ups in suburban areas.
  • Epoxy linings are smooth, which increases the flow capacity of sewer lines. With unhindered flow, one can prevent sewer backups that are hazardous for health and as well as for pocket.
  • Lining the pipes also prevents the growth of mold within the sewer lines, which also prevents them from chocking.

It has been estimated that Nu-drain methods remain effective for more than 50 years.

Nu-Drains are Eco-Friendly

Nu-drain sewer lines are an eco-friendly plumbing solution as it doesn’t end up in creating landfill wastes, one of the major causes of water pollution. Moreover, no greenhouse emission is involved in the installation of Nu-drain sewer lines. For that matter, the nu-drain piping methods are approved by the EPA and other relevant bodies concerned with the health of the environment.

Nu-Drains are Easy to Install

Many people delay their plumbing repairs and replacements because of the extensive work it demands. But that is not the case with nu-drains since no digging is involved in the process. You can have nu-drain sewer replacements without getting your yard, driveways, or other outdoor spaces excavated. The less work required to replace nu-drain sewer lines also means it will be completed in less time, and with less amount of money spent.

Nu-Drain Replacement is a Professional Plumbing Practice

Nu-drain treatment or replacement of sewer lines are widely accepted plumbing practices. You can have professional and certified experts providing you with Nu-drain replacements by exercising best practices of the industry. They complete the Nu-drain replacements without interrupting any other utility services.

If we summarize the reasons to replace conventional sewer lines with Nu-drains in one sentence: It is a lifelong and quick sewer line replacement method that provides environmental, health and economic benefits to homeowners.

For homes in and around Santa Fe, CaitCo Drainworks offers this effective sewer line replacement with the team of its skilled plumbing technicians. If you want to extend the service life of your plumbing system with many side benefits, then get in touch with them.