sewer line repair santa fe

Sewage drainage pipes are probably the most neglected part of your house and when they act up, you have got yourself a real mess. There are plenty of ways your draining can fail you and you can’t exactly blame it either because the materials used in drainage pipes do the best they can until they become victim to corrosion or even rot. If the house you’re living in was built before 1970s, it’s most likely that your drainage lines are made of clay or cast iron. One of the leading problems with clay sewerage lines is the intrusion of roots at the joints or cracks along the pipe. When it comes to sewerage pipes, root intrusion is responsible for almost half of all sewerage blockages and obstructions.

A decade ago, the traditional approach to fixing a sewerage line root intrusion would be to spend a hefty sum of money to dig up and locate the affected pipe to proceed with the root removal process. Nu-drain sewer lines are top of the line sewerage replacements you could get today that have addressed all these problems. The cutting edge formulation of Nu-drain is effective, sturdy, economical, long lasting and safe for all kinds of properties including multi-unit residential buildings, commercial buildings, residential homes, parking lots and federal properties as well. One of the best things about Nu-drain sewer lines is that its installation does not require the laborious task of digging up the sewerage lines. Nu-drain technology is a cured in place pipe restoration method that can make your aging pipe as good as new.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why Nu-drain sewer line replacement is the best option you have for replacing your home sewer line:

  1. Ensures full flow in sewerage pipes

Calcification is one of the leading causes of sewerage line obstruction and deterioration. With the passage of time, calcium starts adhering to the inner walls of the sewerage line and forming coat after coat in the interior of the pipe. This leaves the pipe with a smaller diameter than it originally had. However, the Nu-drain epoxy formulation does not let calcium adhere to its surface. Once you have your drainage pipe coated with Nu-drain, calcium deposition and pipe obstruction will no longer be a problem.

  1. No more root intrusion

Your sewerage lines, especially if they are made out of clay or cast iron are vulnerable to root intrusion which can sometimes completely block the pipe. The Nu-drain epoxy lining in the sewerage pipe reinforces the structure of your drainage lines and creates a smooth interior for optimized flow as well. This protective lining prevents root intrusions and will also ensure that sewage leaks don’t occur which is one of the most common problems with sewage lines.

  1. Digging not required

Sewage lines repair usually requires digging up the earth and locating sewage pipes. This is a dangerous process because unless you are extremely careful with the digging, you might end up damaging the sewerage lines. Nu-drain sewerage solution eliminates this problem since it is a cured in place pipe restoration process. It does not require tearing up the floor and laboriously digging out the earth. Nu-drain sewerage lines omit those costs and can be installed through cleanouts above the floor. It’s an easy, seamless process with minimal risks.

  1. Reduced cost

If you take the old fashioned approach to pipe replacement, excavation, removal and replacement of sewerage pipes make up a hefty cost that you can avoid altogether with Nu-drain sewerage lines. No matter where it’s required, the trenchless Nu-drain sewerage line technology can reinforce your sewerage lines and totally eliminate the cost of destroying your pavement or hardwood floor plus the cost of excavation. Nu-drain sewerage line replacement is also a risk free process so you don’t have to worry about damage either.