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Air ducts play important role in maintaining the efficiency of your HVAC system, particularly during winters. Dirty and clogged up ducts don’t only force your furnace to work harder, but it can also result in affecting the comfort of your indoors. For instance, it takes more time to increase the indoor temperature to the desired levels when air ducts are not cleaned.

Aside from that, there are several important reasons why it is important to take up air duct cleaning routine before turning your furnace for fighting out the chilling temperatures of winters.

To Prevent Sudden Breakdown of the Furnace

No one wants to wake up trembling in the middle of the night due to freezing temperatures. But this can happen if you experience a sudden breakdown of your furnace. There are several reasons that could lead to the failure of the furnace and unclean air ducts are one of them.

With dirty air ducts, a furnace has to overwork for achieving the temperatures set on the thermostat. This constant overwork can eventually lead to a complete shutdown of your furnace without showing any warning sign. So, if you don’t want to disturb the winter comfort of your family and yourself, commence air duct cleaning before the season starts.

To Improve the Indoor Air Quality

We are already facing a problem of the polluted atmosphere. Our outdoors is infested with carbon monoxide-ridden air. In this situation where our lungs are already bearing the brunt of polluted air, it should be our topmost priority to ensure cleaner indoor atmosphere. However, it can’t be achieved if you have dirty air ducts.

In winters especially, when home ventilation is already restricted due to closed windows and other openings, dirty air ducts can only make matters worse for the quality of indoor airs.

To Ensure Clean Home

If you are not cleaning your air ducts before the start of the season, then you might have to clean your interior in the midst of winters because the furnace will blow out all the dirt and dust of air ducts into indoors.  All the upholstery and carpeting of the house can easily get dirty with this and during peak winters no one really wants to engage in home cleaning activities.

To Prevent Pest Infestations

Warm air ducts become sanctuaries of different pests during winters. If you are not cleaning your home air ducts at the end of fall, then be ready to get infuriated with different pest infestations in the approaching winters. Bigger pests such as critters can also be harmful to your furnace.

To Get Rid of Mold Growth

Warm and humid conditions of summers can facilitate the growth of mold in air ducts. If you really want to protect your indoors from a slimy stench and your family from mold-based allergies, then clean your air ducts before turning on the furnace for winters.

It is also better to have a preseason inspection of your furnace from a professional heating and cooling company to ensure that it works seamlessly throughout the season.