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Cleaning of air ducts is one of those chores that are often left until the last minute. Since you don’t use your furnace round the year, you often forget to clean it until you actually have to use it. When the first chilly winds blow and the days become shorter, only then you realize how much of a mess they are in.

You may close all doors and windows to prevent cool air from entering your home but what are you going to do about the air that is trapped inside? This is why we suggest you get to the task before the cold hits and have your heating system ready.

To have it ready, cleaning of air ducts is the first thing you must do. Why do we say that? Below are some reasons to convince you of it.

  1. Improves the air quality

Poor quality of air inside the house means you will get sick often. Pollen, pet dander dirt and debris keep circulating in the house. Unless the air is cleaned frequently, it will increase the likelihood of viral infections and disease. Since one spends most time inside during winters, it is only fair and that one breathes the freshest of air. Research studies redevelop that dirt and debris in the air trigger multiple illnesses and conditions such as nausea, headache, asthma, allergy attack and other breathing problems. Cleaning of air ducts before turning on your furnace for the winters will resolve this issue and ensure the safe health of your loved ones.

  1. Is energy efficient

As soon as winters arrive, you turn on your furnace and keep it turned on throughout the season. The more it stays operational, the more energy it consumes. The more energy consumed, the higher the energy bill. Everyone in their sane mind would want to avoid that. Did you know that unclean air ducts put extra pressure on your heating system to perform at its normal pace? Thus, clean them promptly.

  1. Less Cleaning

Dirty air ducts penetrate through the filters and circulate throughout your house. If you have been finding dirt, mold, debris or pet dander on your furniture and clothes recently, poor cleaning is the culprit. All of these easily stick onto furniture and since they rarely get a chance to scatter out (due to closed doors and windows during winters). Nobody likes to sit on dusty furniture or eat on a table that is always covered in dirt. So to prevent that, you have to clean more often. To avoid that extra burden of cleaning repeatedly, it is best that you clean your air filters.

  1. Fire Prevention

Did you know that unclean air ducts are a disaster waiting to happen? When air ducts are not cleaned regularly the accumulation of dirt (in case of large quantity) can create a fire hazard. When hot air re-circulates, it can start a fire, posing concerns for the safety of your family. Therefore, cleaning of the air ducts must never be overlooked, especially when reusing them after months.