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One of the mistakes that most homeowners make is that they attempt to do all of the installation work themselves. It is good if you are licensed, but if you are not, it is highly recommended that you take the help of a licensed individual because they will make sure that there is no disruption in the pipes.

Installation work is not really easy because in most of the place the pipe that takes the garbage disposal into the drain line is connected to a pipe inside the wall, so it can’t be seen. Furthermore, if too much torque is applied when removing the old disposal, it can cause the pipe beyond the wall to crack and that can create a leak, which can be extremely problematic. Furthermore, installing a trap is also tricky as it requires knowledge about the outlet line. If you’re skeptical and require more details, here are some of the reasons which will convince you to hire a plumber for installing a garbage disposal.

Fulfilling the Codes

Some of the areas have certain regulations that need to be followed by the plumbers. Since the plumbers are obliged, you can be absolutely sure that the service you will be getting will be according to the regulation. Most of these regulations make it mandatory on the inspectors to visit your house and inspect the plumbing system, before starting any installation work.


If you plan to resale your house in the future, you need to get plumbers who can certify their work. Certification is very important for potential buyers in order to make sure that the garbage disposal system has been correctly installed and was taken care of by an individual. The certifications will also help you out with insurance purposes and will lower the premiums as well.

Safety Standards

So many things can go wrong when you install a garbage disposer yourself. In order to ensure your family’s safety, it is a good idea to take help from an expert. Plumbers have the right training, which makes it possible for them to do things correctly. In addition to this, they also have the safety equipment that prevents accidents from happening. Furthermore, it will help you with insurance and might lower the premium.


One of the reasons why people opt for plumbers is that they give a guarantee to the work they will do for you. This means that you can get a follow-up repair from the same plumber within the coverage period, as the plumber will have you covered.


Another reason why people opt to install things themselves is because they want to save money. However, you will see that getting services from professionals is actually more cost effective because they don’t make mistakes and bring their own equipment.

In conclusion, these are just some of the reasons why you should hire a plumber to install a garbage disposal.