radiant heating new mexico

Residential heating systems have come a long way in terms of efficiency and performance. Radiant heat systems are one of the best heating solutions you can get installed today. They have been gaining increasing popularity due to their effectiveness in cozying up homes. Instead of blowing hot air through the vents, radiant heating systems work through the principle of radiant heat transfer whereby they deliver heat directly from hot surfaces. These hot surfaces are usually the floor, the walls or even the ceiling. Radiant heat systems use panels in walls and beneath the floor that heat up these surfaces so you can walk comfortably around on a toasty floor no matter how freezing cold it may be outside.

Despite the radiant nature of heat transfer, radiant heating systems still depend largely on convection as the heat from the floor warms up the air over it and it starts rising, leaving a vacuum behind it to be filled with cold air. This cycle continues eventually making the room temperature pleasantly warm. Besides the radiation of thermal energy, radiant heating systems are great for those with allergies since no air is blown into the house thereby minimizing the chances of introducing allergens into the house. Additionally, radiant heating systems are very quiet, unlike conventional HVAC systems. Because there is no forced air involved, radiant heating systems make little to no sound so you can enjoy silence indoors.

The complex radiant heating system is an energy efficient system that will pay off in the long term. However, servicing it is better left for a professional plumber. If you think you’re good with minor fixtures like sink leaks and basic ductwork, a radiant heating system is a whole other story that should not be serviced by anyone other than a professional plumber. Here are the top 3 reasons why you need to hire a plumber to service it:

  1. Guaranteed service

Even though most home radiant heat system owners have it installed during the house’s construction by a professional plumber, they tend to take the back seat once it’s done and neglect servicing. A professional plumbing service can guarantee that your radiant heat system is serviced a full 100% ensuring that all parts of it are running smoothly like a well-oiled machine. Only a professional plumber can make sure that your radiant heat system is in good shape with a maintained level of efficiency.

  1. Cost-effective

Unlike conventional HVAC systems, radiant heating systems work through panels installed in the walls and beneath the floor. If you attempt to tamper with it, there is literally a list of things that can go wrong. Don’t forget that you have ducts lined in the walls and beneath the floor. If you accidentally damage any of the duct work, the chances of which are probable, you are now facing a bigger expense. Trying to pull off ductwork yourself won’t save you money, but it sure can increase your expenses.

  1. Experience

The professional plumbing services you hire are radiant heat system specialists. That’s their bread and butter. They probably work with radiant heat systems every day. You, on the other hand, might have only taken one look at it during its installation. The plumber will be well aware of the radiant heat system design and has it all mapped out unlike you. Hiring a professional plumber for servicing your radiant heat system will get you a good value for your money. Because the professional plumber possesses adequate knowledge of modern plumbing systems, he can give you a more accurate advice on its condition and needed fixtures.