Hydro Jet Cleaning Santa Fe New Mexico

It comes as no surprise how waterline problems are amongst the most common issues people often deal with. Caitco Drainworks in Santa Fe, NM, a team of plumbing experts who have dedicated most of their work in this field, have made it a point to address the issue. That is why they have revealed some of the most common things they’ve had to remove from people’s clogged water lines:

  1. Hair

This is amongst the most common things found in clogged drains. Whether you’re simply brushing your teeth or taking a bath, your hair always ends up in the drainage and tends to block it.

  1. Toiletries

The most common solution to disposing of toiletries for most people is flushing them down the toilet. Things like nappies, tampons, baby wipes etc. are often found emerging from clogged water lines.

  1. Grease

Whenever doing the dishes, people tend to avoid wiping off the grease first. This often results in grease lining the pipelines and causing a blockage.

  1. Food Scraps

It’s not just the grease which should be wiped off first but food scraps as well. By letting these wash off into your drains can cause severe blockages as well. Remember, make the trash can your friend whenever you’re about to do the dishes!

  1. Nature

Soil, shrubs or even roots are amongst some of the things which often end up in water lines. Especially during autumn and spring, leaves are often blown over and block the waterlines.

  1. Bad Weather

During the rainy season, debris and water build-up can cause severe blockage in the water lines as well. When there’s a large amount of water, it often brings debris with it but often it’s the standing water which causes blockage to occur.

  1. Foreign Objects

Bobby pins, dental floss even children toys! These are often found in waterlines during a blockage. While the others are understandable, children toys often tend to be quite questionable. Don’t worry, children are curious and often flush down their toys.

  1. Deposits

Often mineral deposits from the water tend to stay back and start lining the pipes. This eventually obstructs the flow and causes a clog in the waterline.

  1. Old Pipes

Old, rusted pipes are amongst the most common problems relating to clogs. This often results in leakage and even breaking of the pipes causing an obstruction in the flow. That’s why maintenance is given such a high priority.

  1. Bad Installation

Yes, this can very much cause blockages as well. Whether it’s something you did yourself or let a contractor do it for you, if the pipeline isn’t installed properly then there’s a high chance of clogs and leaks.

Make sure you understand the signs of a clogged water line and immediately contact a professional plumber to help you. Caitco Drainworks in Santa Fe, NM suggests that you contact them and they’ll be able to address your issue with precision. Remember, you can never be too safe with your waterline and Caitco Drainworks in Santa Fe, NM are just the kind of professional help you need!