Sewer clogs can be quite troublesome to deal with. You can expect all sorts of thing to land into your sewer system and create problems for the whole house, this comes in the line of a private sewage system. According to Caitco Drainworks in Santa Fe, NM, a team of professionals especially in regarding your drainage system, here are the top ten ways your drains tend to get clogged:

  1. Grease

When you’re washing the dishes, no one really pays attention to clearing out the plates first. Grease is the most common thing that tends to cause drain blockage and this then travels all the way into the sewer linings.

  1. Food Scraps

Sometimes food scraps aren’t really thrown away in the trash but rather washed away. This usually tends to stay back in the sewer lines and clog it up rather than being washed away completely.

  1. Soap Scum

That’s right, soap scum often causes drain blockages and are much more difficult to remove.

  1. Bathroom Clogs #1

Bathroom clogs often tend to crawl into sewer lines as well. Accumulated skin flakes, hair etc. tend to travel into sewers and stay there for a long time. Often you unclog your bathroom drains but most of the damage is already done!

  1. Bathroom Clogs #2

While it’s easier to get rid of skin flakes and other small things that travel into the sewer line, some things that are flushed down remain for a long time! Feminine hygiene products, diapers, cotton swabs etc. are just some things which travel into sewer lines.

  1. Dental Floss

Some people believe that dental floss doesn’t really do much harm and often flush it away. These often remain back and become the reason for clogs more than any other material.

  1. Tissue Papers

Paper towels are different and don’t normally cause blockages. Tissue papers, however, do not dissolve and often remain for a long time traveling into sewer lines and causes it to clog up.

  1. Roots

Surprised? Well, don’t be! Roots are actually very common causes of sewer clogs, some roots are actually very big and often tend to block the sewer lines.

  1. Pipe Deterioration

Yes, this is a very big factor of sewage clogs. Clogs are basically backups and once a pipe is old and rusted, it breaks apart or leaks causing a blockage.

  1. No Maintenance

Experts at Caitco Drainworks in Santa Fe, NM say that usually, the main factor leading to severe clogs is the lack of maintenance and cleaning. Whether that’s in the line of calling professionals or doing some DIY repairs, people tend to avoid it until the matter gets out of hand.

Don’t be amongst those people, immediately call a professional as soon as you believe that your clogs are starting to occur. If you have a hard time finding someone to handle your drain needs, then simply contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you address your issue with precision and expertness.