Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless Water Line and Sewer Line Replacement in Santa Fe NM and Albuquerque NM

CaitCo Drainworks has been providing Albuquerque and Santa Fe-area residents with plumbing and heating services for years, and we regularly look for better ways to serve our customers’ needs. One of the many reasons why our valued customers contact us for immediate plumbing repair service is to deal with leaking water lines or backed up sewer lines. These issues can cause serious property damage and can interfere with your ability to use your plumbing system as needed.

However, until recently, the repair processes for these issues was lengthy, expensive and very disruptive. At CaitCo Drainworks, we are pleased to provide Santa Fe and Albuquerque residents with an improved process through trenchless sewer line repair and water line repair services.

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Understanding Trenchless Technology

Your home’s water and sewer lines run underground through your yard from the main line to your home. In some cases, these pipes run underneath the sidewalk, the driveway or beautiful flowerbeds that you take great pride in maintaining.

Before trenchless water line and sewer line repair services were available, plumbing crews had to locate the underground line and dig a trench across a large section of the pipe. In some cases, the trench would stretch across the entire yard. This was necessary in order to locate the damaged section of the water line or sewer line.

In addition, the plumbing crew needed access to a large enough section of the pipe to replace the damaged area with new piping. This was a lengthy process that often required concrete and landscaping to be destroyed. After the plumbing work was completed, the homeowner was left to contend with restoring damaged landscaping and paved areas. This added to the time and overall expense of the repair project.

Trenchless sewer line repair and water line repair technologies have thankfully changed this process. There is no longer a need to dig a trench because a camera system can pinpoint the exact area where the pipe is damaged. In some instances, the damaged area can be relined quickly and without major disruption to the yard. If the pipe requires replacement, our skilled plumbing team at CaitCo Drainworks can complete the replacement process for a sewer line or a water line through the use of trenchless technology also.

Trenchless line replacement begins when our team digs one hole where the pipe connects to the main and a second hole where the pipe connects to your home. A specialized burst head is connected to this pipe. It slowly moves across the length of the old pipe. As it does, it destroys the damaged pipe, removes it and replaces it with a quality new pipe. The process for replacing sewer lines and water lines using trenchless technology is relatively similar.

At CaitCo Drainworks, we want you to feel confident in the service that we complete. The new piping that is installed has the longevity of up to 100 years. It is resistant to leaks and root-related damage, so you can count on our service to provide lasting results.

The Many Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Some plumbing companies in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque areas continue to use the old, damaging and expensive processes for sewer line and water line replacement and repair work. At CaitCo Drainworks, we are focused on providing quality work without delay, and our team respects your property as if it were our own.

Because of this, we enable our customers to take advantage of the many benefits of trenchless sewer line replacement and water line replacement technologies. In most cases, our crew is able to complete the entire repair project within a single day.

This is compared to the old process, which may have taken a week to completely dig the trench and replace the pipe. Additional time was required to repair concrete and landscaping damaged by the process. Keep in mind that this was a time when the home’s occupants could not use the plumbing system for cooking, hygiene needs and more.

Because of the length of the old repair process and the incredible expense associated with repairing property damage related to the trench, the cost of an old water line or sewer line repair project was expensive when all things were taken into account. The faster and less damaging trenchless repair process is substantially more affordable and more convenient for the home’s occupants.

Why Choose CaitCo Drainworks for Trenchless Repair Services

If your sewer line or water line is showing signs of damage, now is the time to reach out to CaitCo Drainworks. Our experienced team has replaced more than 27 miles of pipes using this advanced technology. We are skilled experts who you can trust to complete quality work without delay.

This begins when we arrive at your home to scope the pipe. Scoping the pipe enables our knowledgeable team to determine the best repair or replacement approach to take. Each project that we complete is unique, so we always complete this important diagnostic step before providing you with a competitive and personalized quote for our trenchless pipe replacement services in Santa Fe or Albuquerque.

We typically begin trenchless repair and replacement projects first thing in the morning. Our team will work efficiently while focusing on completing quality work across all stages of the project. We usually wrap up the project and erase signs of our presence by the time our customers return home from work later in the day. You can see that we provide you with a fast, convenient and more affordable way to address a serious water line or sewer line issue.

Before you let another plumbing company dig a huge trench through your yard or tear up your driveway and sidewalk, contact CaitCo Drainworks for a camera inspection and a quote for the specific trenchless sewer line repair or water line replacement work that your home needs.

We are ready to tell you how fast, easy and affordable it is to replace the damage using the latest trenchless technology. Contact us today to schedule a camera inspection and to begin the plumbing repair project that your home urgently needs.

Call 505-424-9191 in Santa Fe or 505-899-6688 in Albuquerque to learn how you can save time and money with a trenchless pipe replacement today!

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