A leak in a water line can be catastrophic to your home or business.

If it is in a wall, it can cause damage to the structure and cause black mold to grow. If the pipe is under the slab, it could mean you have to jackhammer up the floor to access the leak. If the leak is in the line to the building, it could mean digging up the property, just as you would when replacing a sewer line. And your water bill is likely to be sky high, too.

In many cases, leaks will occur due to erosion in the water pipes.

The chemicals that are used to make our water “safe to drink” will eventually eat into the pipes, causing issues like leaks, as well as a reduction in water flow. While there are other things that can cause leaks, like a tree root breaking through the water pipe, erosion is the most common issue that we come across.

Luckily Caitco Drainworks’ Nu-Flow technology can eliminate destruction to walls, floors and property.

This multi-step process cleans the affected pipes, then epoxy is blown in. A permanent barrier is formed that can improve water flow and give you peace of mind. Learn more https://caitcocares.com/nu-flo-water-line-replacement-santa-fe-nm-albuquerque-nm/

CaitCo Drainworks is well-equipped to install Trenchless Water Line Replacement systems in homes, office buildings, and more. No matter the  size of the job and how many pipes are impacted, we can handle it.

Not all companies are able to offer the Nu Flow Trenchless Water Line Replacement. To be able to do so, companies must go through a certification process. At CaitCo Drainworks, we are proud to announce that we have been certified as a Nu Flow Installer, and our team has been given the proper training to get the job right, each and every time.