Unfortunately, as each year passes by, summertime globally is becoming unbearable. Climate change is a reality that we need to take more seriously The heat is excruciating and, more than often, our cooling systems decide to not perform when needed most (that’s quite a bummer, we know.) So, what can you do to make sure that you have the right air conditioner?

Experts at Caitco Drainworks, Santa Fe NM suggest some of the best available options today that you can install in your homes:

  • Central air conditioner
  • Evaporative cooling system
  • Ductless/mini air conditioner
  • Radiant cooling system
  • Portable air conditioner

Central Air Conditioner

To ensure even distribution and comfortable cooling throughout your home, this is the most efficient system. It comprises of two units, namely the evaporative unit that is inside the house and the condenser unit that sits outside the house. The compressor in the system pumps the air between the two coils, and the condenser outside helps in removing the heat.

Evaporative cooling system

Commonly referred to as swamp cooler, this system relies heavily on the natural climate of the area. This means that they work best only in areas where there is less humidity so that water can easily be evaporated. This system works using the water evaporation rather than the refrigeration method.

Ductless cooling system

It is also known as split or packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) and is more common in households that do not have HVAC heating system installed. The split system ‘splits’ the air between two conditioning packages which are located at some distance from one another. It is often mounted high on a wall.

Radiant Cooling System

As suggested by the name, this system makes use of radiations to cool off your home. It absorbs the heat that is in the room and cools it down, spreading cold air it evenly in the house. Radiant floor cooling is done by this method; however, for cooling off the ceiling, radiant panels are needed.

Portable cooling system

Best suited for smaller rooms that are relatively hotter, this cooling system is a compact system that comprises of a mobile unit which is placed inside the house on the floor with a discharge exhaust duct that goes out of the wall to vent the heat. They are relatively noisier than other cooling systems, but quicker in performance.

Mentioned above are some of the widely popular options for cooling systems that you can install in your new or redesigned home, according to Caitco Drainworks, Santa Fe NM professionals. If you need any further assistance regarding efficient and suitable cooling systems for your house, get in touch with a Caitco Drainworks representative and relax as they do all the work for you.