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plumbing leak

Water leaks often go unnoticed. But overlooking this problem may lead to huge problems such as mold growth, damaged home structure, water-stained floors and a nasty smell in the premise. The only way to prevent such issues from arising is to keep an eye on the plumbing systems and address the problem as soon as you notice leaking pipes.

A professional plumber can efficiently address leaks and resolve the problem before it gets out of hand. But you should know how they work so that you can deal with emergency situations on your own. Let’s take a look at the tools and equipment plumbers use to detect water leaks:

  • Small video cameras – for inspecting the plumbing pipes
  • Listening disc – Audio equipment that helps plumbers determine where the leak has occurred
  • Soil probe – It helps plumbers detect pressurized leaks through grass and rocks

How Plumbers Detect Water Leaks

When you call a plumber for the maintenance work, they will ask you to turn off all water faucets and check your water meter first. If the meter is still moving, it may indicate that there’s a water leakage problem.

The next step is to determine whether the leak is inside the home or outside. For this purpose, they will shut off the main water valve and check the meter again. If the meter readings don’t change, it depicts that the leakage is in the house.

Professional plumbers are equipped with modern tools and equipment and can resolve the leakage problems in no time. Instead of buying such expensive equipment and taking the DIY route, it’d be a better option to acquire the services of an experienced plumber to detect the leakage issue and also resolve it.

Back in the day, it wasn’t easy to detect a water leakage. Since most water pipes are inside the walls, homeowners got to know about the problem only when wet spots appeared on the walls. But due to the modern tools and techniques, it’s far easier to effectively determine the problem during the early stages.

CCTV cameras are commonly used by plumbers to detect water leaks. A miniature camera is mounted on a fiber optic cable that enables plumbers to see the condition of pipes on the connected screen. It helps them determine where the leaks are and they can take actions accordingly.

Through ground microphones and listening discs, plumbers can hear the noise of leaking water and detect the location of leaks. However, if the plumbing pipes are too deep in the ground or the area is too noisy, then the leakage problem can be detected through heat scanners.

Modern tools and equipment assist plumbers in detecting water leaks. But what helps them the most is the professional training and the experience of dealing with plumbing issues. This is the reason why it’s a better option to hire professionals to address plumbing issues instead of trying to deal with leaks on your own.