Santa Fe sewer repair

Is your bathtub or sink draining slowly? Do you hear a gurgling sound coming from the toilet? These are all signs of a blocked drainage system that could be caused by your sewer line being invaded by encroaching tree roots. Even invasion on a small scale must not be left untreated because, with time, the problem will grow to catastrophic proportions.

Since roots thrive on a nutrient-rich and moist environment, drainage pipes are the known to attract them. The roots enter through hairline cracks or joints that are not completely sealed and block the main exit. Not only is this problem messy but can cause unhygienic conditions. If you find that the tree roots have already invaded the pipes, it is best to call a plumbing service such as CaitCo Drainworks. Our professionals have the right tools to handle a problem of this caliber.

In the meantime, you can use the following tips to temporarily manage the problem on your own:

Cut the Roots Mechanically

A mechanical auger is a machine that allows you to cut down the tree roots in the sewer line. It is a basic method of roots removal and can be done easily. The sewer auger has a spiral, rotating head that goes down the sewer pipe. The head has small teeth attached to it that resemble a saw blade. When powered on, the rotating action of the head cuts down the roots. Unfortunately, these dead roots remain in the sewer line which will still need to be removed.

This is a temporary solution because the roots will grow back again and may even cause a bigger problem down the road. However, it will fix things for a short time should you need to wait for professional services to be executed.

Rock Salt Poison

Copper sulfate, rock salt, or sodium chloride powders will work as a poison for the tree roots. Flush two pounds of the powder of your choice down the toilet in half pound increments. Allow the poison to work for 12 hours and then pour down a bucket of water into the toilet bowl.

The powder sucks the moisture from the tree roots and prevents them from growing further. You should avoid doing this frequently as it could begin to affect the outside roots and possibly kill the tree.

The only way to prevent these tree roots from invading your sewer pipe is by carefully planting plants or being mindful when installing drain lines. Drainage pipes must be a minimum 10 ft away from trees, on all sides. This will keep the roots away from the lure of the moisture and you will not have to worry about blocked drainage pipes.

So, follow these tips and you will be easily able to manage and maintain your blocked drainage pipes. However, do call for professional help before the problem gets out of hand. When looking for professionals in Santa Fe, call Caitco DrainworksOur expert team can help you with any issues you may be facing, big or small. Call and get a quote today!