There are different kinds of drainage problems that require different levels of attention. Some problems are easy to fix yourself and some require the expert touch of professionals. Professionals handle serious repairs concerning drainage problems.

To that effect when you start noticing problems with your drains that need special attention and nothing that you tried is working, you need a professional to solve them.

Excavation Left as a Last Resort

You may need to have your sewer line repaired or replaced in certain instances. There are methods that involve digging a trench and trenchless methods to repair your drains or replace them. In some cases, there is no other option than to excavate the area to repair or replace the drain.

Excavation requires a greater effort on the professional’s part, so it is going to be labor intensive. So professionals try to come up with a solution that helps you repair or replace your drains without having to excavate the area. When they’re out of options, that’s when they have no choice but to carry on with the excavation.

When to Repair or Replace

There are different approaches to this question. First, take a look at the sewer line lifespan. The lifespan of the drain line has a few this to depend upon. The pipe’s construction material is one of the most important things to consider when you are evaluating the lifespan of that pipe.

The soil around the underground drainage pipe is another factor for how long the drain pipe will last. The harsher the conditions and the more difficult the surrounding situation of the drain pipe the quicker it will need to be repaired or replaced.

These are the factors that will impact the urgency of the drain pipe repair and replacement.

1.    Blockages

Your drainage lines can be blocked by certain obstacles. For example, your kitchen drain goes through a plethora of food items that cause deposits of grease and grime to be built up inside the sink drain. Another example may be the waste materials that don’t move through your toilet drain easily.

Obstructions may be removed through drain cleaning, but not if they’re present for a long time. Stubborn blockages may create cracks and other damage to the pipe causing it to need repair or replacement.

2.    The Surrounding Environment

The surrounding of your ground drainage pipes can be a problem. If it is earth and soil, the conditions could cause certain chemical reactions that crack the material of the pipe and cause leakages. The extra pressure of the soil could destroy the pipes too, and that would require excavation when replacing it.

The soil could also freeze in cold weather, and damage the lines, often causing a shift in the pitch of the drainage pipes. This would also mean additional repairs or replacements.

3.    Construction Material

Sewer drainage pipes are made of different materials such as clay, metal, plastic as well as concrete. Each of these could impact the life of the life of the drainage pipe. There are different problems associated with each. For instance, metal may rust if not properly coated, concrete and clay may chip and crack and plastic might bend if exposed to harsh conditions.

If you notice some problems with your drainage pipe and you need to repair or replace them, contact Caitco Drainworks.