woman under sink diy plumbing

Your household water supply is a major lifestyle need as well as a convenience. Because water serves as an important resource for eating, bathing, and cleaning, we have to ensure the plumbing system continues to work efficiently on a daily basis. Despite our best efforts, however, sometimes things go wrong.
A leak develops, a pipe breaks or the toilet backs up.

While these may seem like routine repairs that any homeowner can manage, often the situation gets out of control. The more we try to fix the problem, the worse it may get. Here are a few tips if you find yourself in that situation.

Contain the Problem

If the original DIY plumbing solution does not improve or becomes worse, stop trying to repair it, as you may end up wasting more time and money. Block off the area, like a flooded basement, or room, such as the bathroom, to keep family members from using the area and possibly slipping on a wet floor. Remove any valuables or household items that could be damaged by the water problem, and shut off the electric from the panel box to prevent someone from getting shocked.

Clean Up the Mess

If water has leaked down the walls or onto the floor, throw down some old clean rags or towels to absorb the water. Try to turn off the leak unless the faucet is broken or if there is no shut-off valve. Clear any debris or wet clothes and other items to provide an open workspace for the professional plumber.

Call Caitco

Contact your New Mexico plumber (that’s us, btw) for help in evaluating and repairing the problem. The experts know what to do in a routine plumbing problem or a plumbing emergency. They have the tools, equipment, and skills to fix the issue correctly and efficiently. Their fee is well worth it to ensure a safe home environment and usable water supply instead of you trying to fix the problem with DIY plumbing techniques with which you have limited experience.

Learn How to Prevent Future Problems

Ask the plumber about the cause of the water problem and how to avoid the same thing happening in the future. Plumbing damage may have been caused by kids leaving the faucet dripping day and night, family members twisting faucets too hard and stripping them of their ability to remain secure, or people flushing inappropriate items down the toilet.

Although it’s a great idea to try and do things yourself to save money on home repairs, if you don’t have enough skill or experience, the problem might not get fixed and could even become worse. If you are unable to repair the problem right away, let a pro plumber do the job.

We support you and your wallet. Sometimes, calling a pro is the best thing you can do for your home.