Air duct cleaning santa fe

Every year, seasonal changes bring various different diseases and illnesses with them. As the winter starts to approach your first instinct would be to stack up on warm clothes and food items whereas cleaning your air ducts might be the last on your list or not even be there.

It is extremely important that the air ducts of your home remain clean for the sake of your and your family’s health. This is because a majority of the germs that are infesting your homes are present because they tend to travel into the rooms through the air ducts, and they are usually even built up there.

The HVAC systems of a building are the “lungs” of the building that allow it to “breath” fresh air. Hence, a professional air duct cleaning is almost imperative to get done before winter starts

Here are four reasons why you need to get your air ducts cleaned immediately

Low energy cost

When you clean out your air ducts, you clean out the dust and debris that is present in it, hence you allow for less energy used when circulating air in your home. The dust and debris present in the air ducts make them work harder and tamper with their capability to provide a proper air flow to your home. When your HVAC systems do not work properly they will rack up the energy bill, which could have been saved in the first by cleaning out the ducts.

Less dirty homes

The dust in the air ducts is one of the obvious signs that it is not working properly. It is recommended, and even a law in some states that air ducts of a building should be cleaned every 2 to 3 years. Though incapability of being able to keep track of the passing time will mean that a lot of dust gets accumulated in the air ducts which also blows out a lot of it into the building and homes of the residents.


One of the most dangerous health hazards of a dust-borne air duct is that it can cause the congestion of the lungs. The growth of molds, vermin, infestations, and debris may cause the people who come in contact with them to suffer from massive headaches, nausea, etc.

Another element that is present in the air ducts of the building is lint. Lint is actually highly inflammable and thus the presence of it in copious amounts inside your air ducts means that you and your building are at high risk of a disaster waiting to happen. Since a lot of people cannot see inside the air ducts of the building they are not able to realize the level of danger that they might be in.

Air quality

When the air ducts of your building become and remain clogged with ample amounts of debris they affect the quality of breathable air. This leads to the air inside the homes becoming stuffy and thus the inhabitants of the building are at a greater risk of getting sick this winter.